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My parole officer says get a girlfriend

My parole officer says get a girlfriend

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Some situations, however, often arise that cause parole to be particularly difficult. Disputes with a partner or spouse are bound to arise. Try to solve these disputes respectfully and calmly, and if possible, without the involvement of your parole officer.


Derby said she is never one to judge, especially considering how many mistakes she had made when she was using drugs. Brantley, for example, could be forbidden to see Ms.

Eaton played down what she had told girlfrend police, saying she backed into the wall on her own and that Mr. Not a subscriber yet? Brantley was locked in a state of deceit, despite the fact that honesty is critical to recovery from addiction.

Issues with Housing Always stay in the residence approved by parole supervision. Failing to pay a fine. Steer clear of added jail time and fines by avoiding these blunders.

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Brantley, a chef by trade, shrugged off the no-contact rule. A second chance, and prove himself wrong. Crossing town, state or federal lines.

Derby met Duarte and, after a while, she said he helped her get fully clean. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate Mt we may earn a commission.

Eaton until May Given Mr. He would regularly say to me 'just tell me what you want to hear. Eaton, unable to persuade Mr. Derby only learned the truth about his prior convictions this week in an interview with PennLive.

Stay steadfast for justice

He was equally skeptical of the idea that anyone could choose to love an addict. But as Mr. Or see her.

She eventually took him in as a housemate, then a romance developed. It really is nonsense to think that our views or opinions can be swayed by simply 'telling us what we want to hear. Brantley said.

He had abandoned his yet-to-be-born daughter. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local.

Brantley move home. Image Erroll Brantley Jr. He told Derby he learned the girl was 11, she said. Even though you may feel you have the right to visit with whomever you want, if the judge in your case feels that your associating with criminals might be a setback in your rehabilitation, you could find yourself with another fine or more jail time for committing this infraction.

Issues with Children Caring and providing for your children should be a primary concern, but can be particularly difficult while trying to balance your obligations to parole. Do not give your parole officer any excuse to violate you.

Dating someone with a serious criminal record

Brantley in prison was approved. Instead, work with your PO to find appropriate housing as quickly as possible. If you stop reporting because your parole officer is being unreasonable or you are not getting along, you give all of the power to the DOCCS to violate you.

So be careful in your personal relationships. He was ultimately convicted for an unrelated break-in at an auto shop. But he flouted the rules, spending much of his time at Ms.

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Associating yourself with drugs. Disclaimer The information in this document has been prepared by The Legal Aid Society for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. Brantley moved into and paid rent on a basement apartment.

Losing your job.

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